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Interiors / Woodwork

ALEXSEAL Suede Coating

Suede Coating is a luxurious and durable decorative yacht finish. Its unique elastic matte finish offers a warm suede-like look and feel to a variety of yacht components including interior dash, ceilings, accents and accessories. Suede Coating is available in various color ranges and is also suitable for air crafts, furniture, and anti-glare instrumental faces and panels.

Teak Repairs and Refinishing

Our accomplished craftsmen are top in teak refinishing and specialize in large decking.

Faux Finish/French Polish

If you’ve ever stopped and marbled at the interior woodwork on a mega yacht then you may have seen the craftsmanship of SWFL Marine Specialist. Our artistic skills are show cased on the beautiful, high gloss finishes that are displayed while on board. We can retouch imperfections, scratches, and dings leaving an impeccable finish.


A new varnish job will not only look good but it can extend the long term life of your vessel protecting against the UV radiation from the sun, and the wear tear from the ocean. We can restore the beautiful wood on your vessel and enhance the natural appearance increasing its’ value.