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Custom Fabrication

Yacht Refits

We specialize in yacht refitting and have satisfied customers world wide with our innovation and attention to detail. Refit projects can start with something as little as changing the decor and accessories on board, to even changing the fabric on an outside sofa or sun bed. Yacht refits can also include redoing an entire kitchen, interior, or a complete refinish of the outside of your vessel. No matter what your vision is our limitation is that of our customer’s imagination.

Floodlights and Hatches

Whether it’s lighting or more space needed for the big catch we are the professionals. We can design and fabricate any type of light covers or custom hatches requested to meet your needs.

Swim Platforms

Swim platforms can be a beautiful addition to your boat by giving it a factory look and updating its style to give you comfort, safety, and a more enjoyable experience on the water. We have satisfied several customers worldwide with our custom built platforms. Enquire today how to extend your boating pleasure.

Vessel Extension

If you are considering an extension for your vessel let us be your top choice. SWFL Marine Specialist’s fabricators have the experience and knowledge to guarantee only the finest work. Through a combination of engineering and craftsmanship your hull is template and built while you continue to use your boat. We’ll finish the job when you see fit.